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Thomas Dailey.

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My Projects

Clash Royale Deck Builder App

Build the ultimate Clash Royale deck and stomp out the competition with the Clash Royale Deck Builder App. This app makes for easy building of custom decks for the mobile game Clash Royale. You can save your custom deck along with your strategies and view others ultimate Clash Royale decks to try to take over the competition and claim victory as you march through the opponents towers with your new found decks and strategies.

Built with: HTML · CSS · Javascript · ES6 · React.js · Redux.js · RESTful API's · Node.js · Express.js · MongoDB

Launch Committees

Launch Committees is a custom webpage I built for my local church's young adult group. This page has custom functionality for small committees within our Luanch ministry. This functionality includes a setup and clean up list for our setup committee and easy access to new member information on the welcome page when a new user signs up and signifies that they are "new to launch". This website is a work in progress as the needs of the church are ever expanding, however this has already become a useful tool to the Launch ministry community.

Built with: HTML · CSS · Javascript · jQuery · ES6 · RESTful API's · Node.js · Express.js · MongoDB

What's Next App

The What's Next app help's users find the next book to put on their bookshelf. Simply type in the last book you enjoyed into the input field and this app will provide you with suggestions of new books to read.

Built with: HTML · CSS · Javascript · jQuery · Google Books and TasteKid External Public API's

About Me


My name is Thomas Dailey and I am a front-end web developer from Pittsburgh, PA.

I'm a recent graduate of Thinkful's full-stack web developer bootcamp and am excited to start my journey as a front-end web developer. I've already started doing some interesting things as a mentor at a local after school teen coding club. I meet weekly with students from the local public schools to inspire the next generation of technology innovators by teaching them the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

When I'm not busy programming, you can usually find me hanging out with my wonderful wife Andrea at the local rock climbing wall or jamming on the 6-string in the living room.

My wife and I faithfully serve in our church's worship band, youth, and young adult ministries as Bible teachers and mentors.

... and I secretly have aspirations of trying out for America's Got Talent, but I haven't perfected my act yet.

My Dev Skills

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